teaching tech

3 Methods For Teaching Tech to the Internet Challenged


teaching tech

We’ve all seen the BuzzFeed lists exposing parents as they struggle to use new tech (like this one). But what do you do next time mom calls and needs help getting her things from The Google?


  1. Teaching Tech: Patience

When you’re working with someone unfamiliar with tech, a little patience goes a long way. Chances are the student is used to knowing how to do everything in their life from years of experience. Unfortunately, new tech wasn’t around all that time. Be patient while they sift through the foreign digital landscape.


  1. Teaching Tech: Let Them Do It

No one has ever learned anything by watching others do it for them. As frustrating as it can be watching mom or dad mouse around at 1px/min, let them figure out how to find “copy” in the “edit” section. After all, Practice makes perfect.


  1. Teaching Tech: Explain Everything

Those of us that have been using computers since the Commodore 64 may have internalized some relatively complex information. While it’s muscle memory for you, a tech newbie has no idea that you can search Google from the browser toolbar. Be thorough and explain everything, unless you want another phone call about the missing “thing” on the “thing.”