5 Free Cool Apple Watch Apps So Far


Sometimes you need a good calculator to crunch some numbers and don’t feel like pulling out your phone. The Cruncher app gives you that power, right on your wrist. If you have big fingers, rejoice because this app was built with you in mind!
Free, Download Cruncher


We’ve all had that moment where we stumble on a great article but just don’t have the time to read it. Using Instapaper users can quickly save articles from the web and read them on either their Apple Watch or smartphone device. The Instapaper Apple Watch app will even read the articles out loud to you. How sweet.
Free, Download Instapaper


The widely used app, Yelp makes its way to the Apple Watch, giving users the ability to find nearby bars, restaurants and other listings. Make your pick and enjoy your meal!
Free, Download Yelp


Shazam makes you feel like the future is here! Shazam’s Apple Watch app gives you the same ability to find any song that’s playing in the background. Simply load up the app on your watch, wave your arms in the air like you just don’t care and voila, Shazam does the rest of the work.
Free, Download Shazam

trip advisor

Typically known as a great way to plan and book your next trip, TripAdvisor’s Apple Watch app makes it easy to find nearby places to “eat, play and stay” while enjoying your vacation.
Free, Download TripAdvisor