Top 5 Must-Have Gadgets for Vloggers and Bloggers

Since the wide acceptance of the internet and the rise of YouTube, blogging and vlogging have moved from a mere hobby to a full time job for many. Here are 5 of the best gadgets if you’re looking to become a vlogger or blogger.


1. DSLR Camera

A quality DSLR camera is imperative for becoming a top vlogger or blogger. Many of today’s cameras feature both video and photo taking capabilities. There’s a wide range of cameras to choose from, it just all depends on your budget. Companies such as Canon and Nikon are some of the more popular choices.

dslr camera for blogging

2. External Hard Drive

Creating content such as videos, text, audio, images will eventually consume all of the available space on your computer. Buying an external hard drive allows you to free up space on your machine by transferring them to the external hard drive.

external hard drive

3. Flexible Camera Tripod

Getting the perfect shot can be tough especially if you don’t have someone helping you. That’s where a flexible tripod comes into the picture (see what I did there?) Make sure the tripod you select fits the frame of your camera.

4. Mac or PC (Obviously)

Deciding between a PC or Mac can be a rough decision. A Mac is used by many creatives due to its video and audio editing programs such as: GarageBand, iMovie and Final Cut Pro. PC’s are great as well, coming equipped with a slew of Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Office and Windows Movie Maker. Both devices typically come with a high definition web camera.

mac vs. pc

5. Smartphone

Having a smartphone is another big must when taking on vlogging and blogging. A smartphone gives you the ability to quickly write down ideas, watch other videos for inspiration and share your content on social media all with the tap of a button.