amazon prime day

Amazon Prime Day

amazon prime day

Billed as bigger and better deals, Amazon Prime Day rocked the internet but not for the right reasons.

At 12 am pst (3am EST) on Wednesday July 15th, I sat by my computer as Amazon opened the keys to the castle giving Prime users (and anyone willing to sign up for a 30 day free trial) access to deals that left myself and many others scratching their heads about the hype.

The night/early morning started off with sales such as 42 pieces of tupperware for $15, not bad, but nothing to stay up all night for. After browsing the site for another hour I decided to call it a night thinking Amazon was saving the good stuff for later in the day.

I woke up around 9 am pst and hopped right back on Amazon. Based off my history Amazon showed me a ton of deals for GoPro’s. It wasn’t anything mind blowing but a GoPro Hero 4 Black with accessories galore for only $499.99. Okay, I’m a little more interested now.

I decided to take a spin on Twitter to see what the people were saying. For the remainder of the day comedy ensued. The hashtag #PrimeDayFail quickly began trending and to me it outshined the actual sell. Here’s some of our favorite tweets.

One guy even felt so inspired he penned a song just for #PrimeDayFail

While customers “hated” something ironic did occur. Walmart and Best Buy hurriedly launched their own “Christmas in July” deals in order to compete with Amazon. Amazon also said they will definitely be doing Prime Day again next year. Customers are the real winners here!