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7 Best iPhone Apps For Experiencing the Outdoors

There’s nothing like taking and trip to see what mother nature has to offer. Here’s 7 iPhone apps for experiencing the outdoors.


Yonder makes it easy to plan your next outdoor adventure. It also gives users the opportunity to connect with inspiring people, places and experiences.

map my hike

Map My Hike
You don’t want to be lost with no sense of where you’re going while out on your adventure. Map My Hike is a great hiking tracker and trail finder.


Spyglass is like everything one learns in the Boy Scouts but on crack! This device is a GPS toolkit that makes navigation easier both outdoors and off-road.

national parks

National Parks by National Geographic
National Parks by National Geographic is composed of guides to 25 of America’s top national parks.

gaia gps

Gaia GPS
If you happen to go off the grid and can’t connect to internet service while on your outdoor adventure, Gaia GPS is the answer to your prays. The app is a offline GPS product for when you don’t get service.


Buy all the outdoor gear you need for your adventure with REI.

US Army Survival Guide

US Army Survival Guide
The US Army Survival Guide helps you deal with anything that mother nature may throw your way. You want to keep this handy while in the wild.