9 Apps To Help You Make New Friends

Meeting new friends can be hard even for the most outgoing people, whether it’s because of a shortage on time or because of moving across the county, sometimes, a little help in finding new friends can change someone’s life.


This is the perfect way to not only meet new friends, but to also meet people with the same interests. You can create events, RSVP or join events and groups with people of similar interests. There are hundreds of categories for just about anyone to fit into.


Similar to Meetup, you can meet people with similar interests here. You can search for people who want to do the same things as you by typing in what you want to do, whether it’s you wanting to give or receive help.


You can meet people who live near you, and get informed with the town’s best coffeeshop or restaurant. Best thing to do is follow social media accounts, allowing people in the community to notice your presence as well.


Also similar to Meetup, except instead of having a comprehensive list of groups with similar interests, it provides a list of events whether it be concerts, plays or block parties around you.

meet my dog

Meet My Dog
As crazy as it might seem to a lot of people, having dogs is a great way to not only meet new people, but to also make friends who love their dog as much as you do.


People put sports events on here and you can join or create sports activities in your area, and meet new people who play or enjoy the same sport.


Facebook is more than just chatting with your friends and liking and posting photos and statuses. You can join and create events here as well, and be able to use this platform to send invitations.


Vamos & Eventbrite
These two apps offer the same type of service, which is to let you know about the events happening around your area.