This App Helps You Take Better Selfies

Whether you hate it or love it, selfies are here to stay, but unless you have long arms or a ridiculous looking selfie stick…then your self game is surely be lacking.

Selfie 2

That was until now! Introducing “GIGA Selfie,” it lets you take those amazing tourist photos easily.

How it works :

Oddly enough, this app is not be some startup based out of San Fransicos, GIGA Selfie was actually created by Tourism Australia which is set to launch the app as part of its “There’s Nothing Like Australia” campaign.

The service is free but, there’s a catch. This selfie taking technology only works when you’re standing on a GIGA Selfie platform. If you do stumble upon one of their platforms, open up the app, adjust the camera position and VOILA! You’ve just taken an amazing selfie!

Your photo will be emailed to you and then you can post on your favorite social media sites. So…if you’re going to take a selfie, why not take the best one possible!

Watch it in action: