Apple Intends To Build 25 More Apple Stores In China

Apple has certainly done very well for itself over the years, and this particular technology juggernaut does not look as though they are about to stop or slow down anytime soon. In fact, there is word that Apple intends to triple the total number of its stores over in China, where it would mean we now have additional detail concerning such plans. China happens to be the third largest country in the world in terms of land mass, as well as being the country with the highest level of people in terms of population. In fact, Apple wants to construct another 25 more Apple Stores in China in the course of the next couple of years.

This particular bit of information arrived directly from the mouth of Apple CEO Tim Cook, who was in China not too long ago. Right now, Apple already owns 15 Apple Stores over in that part of the world, and their vision is to have a whopping total of 40 Apple Stores before the end of 2016. It remains to be seen just where these stores will be located though, as right now, slightly more than 50% of its existing stores (8 out of 15) are located either in Shanghai or in Beijing.

Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg do have keen eyes on China, with Cook citing that it is just a matter of time before China ends up as “Apple’s biggest revenue contributor.”