Trivia Crack

Becoming A Crackhead: Trivia Crack App Review

Trivia Crack

What is the name of the Philadelphia NFL team? Who first discovered electricity? What is the capital of Wyoming? These are all questions from the popular app, Trivia Crack.


Just as it name suggest, the app is indeed crack. A drug that I attempted to stay away from in both the real world and on my iPhone. After much convincing and persuading, I gave into the peer pressure and downloaded Trivia Crack on my iPhone.


Immediately I was immersed in the world of backdoor challenge rounds against many addicted Trivia Crack users. I soon found myself fighting for my life in lightening fast question rounds to earn these six cartoonish characters in order to win.


There are two game modes: challenge and classic. Challenge mode allows players to put out a open challenge to multiple players to see who can answer the most questions. Classic mode pits two players against each other to see who can answer questions in order to collect all of the characters first.


The game’s questions are based on 6 categories: Entertainment, Art, History, Science, Geography, and Sports with each category having an assigned character that users must win when playing classic mode. All questions are created and moderated by players from around the world.


Being new to the Trivia Crack world, I eased my way into things. After a few days I was rubbing elbows with the best of em, racking up wins left and right while raising my Trivia Crack levels (I’m currently a level 16). I’m not sure what the levels determine but a friend I played against was almost a level 100, she may be a Trivia Crack Jedi Master.


Over the course of a few days I found myself becoming addicted to Trivia Crack; I don’t think that addiction will end any time soon. I’m off to get my fix, don’t worry, I have 3 lives left.


Trivia Crack is available for free on the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone