Car Tech Steals The Show At CES 2015

Self-driving cars, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, oh my! This sounds like the beginning of one of those bad bar jokes, but alas these three things have stolen the show at CES 2015.

Self-parking cars are so 2005, self-driving cars are the now! Audi sent their self-driving Audi A7 on a two day 550 mile journey from San Francisco to Las Vegas to flex their self-driving muscles. The uniquely equipped A7 sports a laser scanner, a 3D camera, 4 smaller cameras positioned in the front and back of the car among gadgets. The A7’s self-driving system will work from 0-70 mph but requires the driver to take control when in urban areas. Other companies such as Delphi and Valeo showcased their stop-and-go-traffic technology which allows “smart cars” to drive in urban environments as well as day to day traffic.

While this type of technology will not be seen in consumer cars for another few years, Audi executives are saying their technology is production ready.

“He who controls the aux cord, controls the car”…at least that’s what it used to be. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are looking to take that to the next level.

Android Auto

Both Apple and Google want to allow drivers to use their smartphones hands-free. By plugging your device into the car, your iPhone or Android device will integrate with the car dashboard, giving you the ability to play music, receive calls, use the map feature, send text and more. There are many car companies that have already taken advantage of this technology such as Ford, BMW Group, Acura, Mazda and others.

It’s not far fetched to think in 10-15 years we won’t even be driving our cars, they’ll drive us.