Celebrities Leave Social Media… Forever?



Celebrities are one of my favorite demographics to follow on social media. They tweet their opinions, lives and performance to millions all over the globe. A truly phenomenal feat. But underneath the pervasive power of social media, a dark underbelly has been stirring up some controversy in the social media sphere. I’m talking about Iggy Azalea of course.


Iggy Leaves Twitter

The Huffington Post traced the beginning of Iggy’s latest social media battle and her decision to leave, maybe forever. The controversial, Australian hip hop artist has recently been under attack by internet trolls, meme comedians and her arch nemesis Azealie Banks. Mix that in with the paparazzi snapping photos of her lounging at home, and Iggy says she’s had enough.


Celebrities Against Social Media

Iggy, however, is not the only celebrity moving away from social media. Famous actors and actresses like Bradley Cooper, Keira Knightly, Julia Roberts and George Clooney to name a few have decided to stay away for more personal reasons. Many celebs say they enjoy the personal connection of talking to fans, but they prefer to avoid the mundane updates.


Will these industry veterans be able to avoid the ever peering gaze of social media? Or will the people forget them as new celebrities conform to the global platform? Only time will tell.