PS4, Xbox, Wii U

Console Wars: 2015

PS4, Xbox, Wii U

If you’re looking to buy a next generation game console then you have many options. The PS4, Xbox One and Wii U are Sony’s, Microsoft’s and Nintendo’s latest offerings to gamers worldwide and boy do they deliver. Each platform is unique in it’s own right and offers something different. Here are some key differences between the three.


Feature PS4 Xbox One Wii U
Price $399.99 $399.99 $349.99 / 299.99
Optical Drive Blu-ray/DVD Blu-ray/DVD 25GB Optical Disc (Proprietary)
Storage 500GB Hard Drive 500GB Hard Drive 8GB or 32GB Flash Drive
External Storage No Yes, USB Yes, USB
Controllers DualShock 4 (included) Xbox One Wireless Controller (included) Wii U GamePad (included), Wii Remote + Nunchuck (sold separately), Pro Controller (sold separately)
Motion Control PlayStation 4 Eye (not included), PlayStation Move (not included) Kinect 2 Wii Remote (sold separately), Wii U GamePad (included)
Online Game Play Paid Access Via PS+ Subscription Paid Access Via Xbox Live Gold Subscription Free




The PS4 and Xbox One are typically the go-to devices for heavy gamers interested in stunning graphics, intense and fast moving gameplay and games such as Grand Theft Auto, Halo and Assassin’s Creed.


The Wii U brings great games as well but lacks in processing power to run those high graphic games. Some of the staples of this device are the Mario series, the Legend of Zelda franchise and Super Smash Bros.


Use the table to determine which system is best for you and happy gaming!