Disney and Star Wars Team Up to Release Official App

It’s pretty odd that the Star Wars franchise hasn’t already tapped into the mobile application market. It seemed like the franchise has touched on every other promotional resource.

The franchise is now up to six Star Wars films, one upcoming Star Wars sequel, one recently announced Star Wars spin-off and limitless Star Wars memorabilia. But why does it feel like something has been missing? Apparently it’s because Disney has been secretive about the release of its official Star Wars app, now available for both iOS and Android.


The app features the latest Star Wars news, a built-in lightsaber game and the ability to take “selfies” with your favorite characters and backgrounds. Though you can choose whether to join the good guys or dark side (or even droid, if that’s what you like) when you first start up the app, we’ve yet to figure out the right combination of buttons to actually turn ourselves into Jedi or Sith Lords.


One snag in the release though, as pointed out by Mashable, is that the iOS version appears to be optimized for a 4-inch iPhone rather than an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, meaning that the images appear stretched on the newer Apple phones. Were sure they’ll fix that bug soon.