Android Wear

Everything You Need To Know About Android Wear

Can Android Wear Corner the Smart Watch Market?

Launched last year, Android Wear is Google’s entry into the smart watch showdown and I’m here to break it down for you.

Wear What You Want

Android Wear is all about customizing your watch to match your style. There are multiple watch shapes and numerous downloadable watch faces to truly make your Android Wear unique.

Android Wear

Ok Google

Just like on your Android smartphone, by saying “Ok, Google” Android Wear users will be able to answer texts and emails by voice, get turn by turn navigation, track flights, voice search and more!


Apps on Apps on Apps

When it comes to apps, currently there aren’t millions of apps waiting to be downloaded like for your Android smartphone; but there is a blossoming section on Google Play just for Android Wear. As the functionality and design improve, I would not be surprised to see a rise in exclusive Android Wear apps.

android-wear google now

Updates & Google Now

Recently Google’s Android Wear software received a significant update, integrating Android Wear with Google Now. Just like on an Android smartphone, Google Now displays a series of cards from different apps such as eBay, Duolingo, Lyft, Mint, Walgreens that will keep you updated on various things. For example your Lyft card can be a notification that your driver is pulling up.

What do you think? Will you be picking up some Android Wear soon or will you hold out until the Apple Watch?