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retro games

There’s nothing like whipping out your old Sega Genesis and playing some old school games, but what if you don’t have any of those game systems that you grew up with? Don’t worry, there’s a way to relive your childhood through the use of emulators. Here’s some options on how you can play retro games.


Raspberry Pi

This little DIY device is a cheap and somewhat easy way to start playing those 90’s games you love.  For about $35 this device can take any input and plug directly into your TV. The downside is that you’re limited to emulating older game systems; anything newer than the Super Nintendo you’ll have to find another method.



And that’s where The OUYA comes in. This is another great solution and getting the device set up is quicker compared to that of the Raspeberry Pi. For $99, you’ll have a solid emulator that comes with a controller and the ability to play games from older game systems up to the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation One. Unfortunately, any game system higher then those two will not be compatible on the OUYA. Thanks to the USB port you can also plug in other types of controllers to make the experience feel that more authentic.



With tons of smartphones and tablets being released every year, this is another great option to play retro games. Both Android smartphones/tablets and iOS devices have the ability to be used as emulators. Apple has gone to great lengths to make sure their devices are not used for these purposes, but sites like iEmulators make it possible to turn your iPad or iPhone into a retro gaming machine. For Android lovers, there’s an emulator for you too! It’s called Retro Arch and can be download in the Google Play store.



The ultimate gaming machines, the Mac and the PC are the perfect way to play any retro game available on the web. OpenEmu is a free emulator for the Mac. It has every game system known to man available and is consistently updated with new games. For PC users sites such as CoolRom and Emulator-Zone are great places to check out.