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Four cheaper options other than Apple’s iCloud for online storage

Four cheaper options other than Apple’s iCloud for online storage

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Who doesn’t take photos nowadays? Not a single soul it seems. Especially with the rise of smartphones, online storage, and “smart” technology like tablets and smartwatches, we will all be utilizing a phone one time or another to capture our memories.


Now, we don’t just get the leisure of taking photos on a phone with 16 megapixel cameras, but also have apps and websites that can store, save and backup all our files. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect situation for any picture-taker?


It is. But how much would that cost?


There are a few players in the game that you can play with. For a terabyte, Apple’s iCloud will run you $240 per year. Does the scenario still sound perfect?


No worries though, there are four other options to choose from for the same amount of space per year, some of which are free.



Dropbox costs $100. For unlimited space, Amazon Cloud Drive goes for the same price as Dropbox, but only if you have Amazon Prime. And it allows all photos and only 5gb of video and file storage.


Microsoft One Drive

We get down to double-digits with the Microsoft One Drive going for $84.



Flickr does have a free account, but you will have to put up with full-page ads. Iif you don’t want ads – $49.99 please.


Google Photos

Lastly, there is Google Photos which is free, but only allows videos and photos up to 16 megapixels or 1080p. But given that almost everyone is taking photos on their phones, this shouldn’t be too big of an issue. I mean, it’s such a good deal that it’s even available on iOS. Yes, that’s right. Google wants in too.