Game Review: Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round


Dead or Alive 5: The Last Round is the latest offering in the DOA family and in some senses its not too different from its predecessor, DOA 5.


The big difference is the fluidity of the characters and the stunning visuals which is thanks to the power of next gen consoles.


In DOA 5: The Last Round players are pitted against fighters in stages that can change dynamically on the fly. Skilled players will be able to take advantage of these changes to inflict huge combos on their opponent, some of which will leave your mind blown and your opponent pissed.


There’s 34 characters in total with two new fighters being introduced to the series. All characters can be used in the many game modes offered on DOA 5 Last Round with up to eight difficulty levels. These modes include: Story Mode, Arcade, Time Attack, Survival, Team Fight and Online Fighting.


The online mode is where players have the chance to challenge other combatants from around the world.


While this game is fun and the graphics will keep you entertained, after a few hours you’ll get bored…really bored. The storyline is nothing to sneeze about and the gameplay gets repetitive once you get the controls and combos down.


The saving grace is the vast DLC options that are available for the game as well as the $40 price tag. This is one of those games that you grab just because it doesn’t hurt your pockets too much and you need to pass the time.