Game Review: Dying Light


The undead parkour game, Dying Light by Warner Bros, brings out a new twist on the zombie apocalypse games.

During the daytime the zombies can be relatively laid back monsters making it easier to move around the city and complete quests.  After the sun goes down the zombies become extremely aggressive, smarter, and faster to the point where they chase down any human who crosses their path.

The protagonist is Kyle Crane, who is a parkour instructor that has been forced into a world where he must fight to survive not only the zombies, but fight against the ruthless bad guys in the city of Harran.

Debuting with the new Chrome Engine 6, the graphical fidelity of the game impresses whether on console or for PC gamers with amped up graphics cards.  The various weather patterns, lighting, and overall quality of effects bring out the true grit of a next generation game.  The game was built to move around a fluid parkour movement system with co-op options for running across buildings with friends.

The game relies on stealth and speed more than anything else as you carefully have to jump and pick your path through the city.  This can become interesting during co-op play when a partner takes a wrong turn and falls to their death as you continue onwards.  The main base is the tower of the city, a big safe zone area that allows you to rest, get new missions, and be sent on side quests to gather food and medicine.

The game starts off with no learning curve either.  The first few hours of the game you can feel as if you’re a fat out of shape slob that never attempted to fight once in your life.  You can lose stamina after two or three swings leaving you to retreat from a zombie attack after only a few seconds to recharge.  As the game progresses you begin to get stronger and find better weapons to the point where you can take on multiple zombies at one time.

For gamers who want a relaxing game to play after they have just arrived home from work, Dying Light is probably not the game for you.  This is however a game where you can grit your way through early missions to accomplish goals and build your character.  Also for fans of zombie games Dying Light should be on the list for the unique experience of having to survive an apocalypse without using multiple weapons that other zombie games provide.