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Geek Fashion – The Revenge of the Nerds

Bet you didn’t know that even a geek can love to look great or adore fashion. While geek fashion may not hit the runways in Milan anytime soon, I am pretty sure you will see some of this in your local high school or college. These days geek is cool, so natch we want to check out all the fashion.

Geek Fashion with Superheroes

The days of reading comic books in secret has gone the way of the dodo bird. These days even cool kids are into superhero fashions. From tshirts that have your favorite hero on them to spin-offs by fans sold on sites like the fun tshirts TanoshiBoy designs on teepublic, geek is in. You can go beyond Spiderman underwear and find skirts with old superhero strips on them or even purses inspired by cartoons.

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Sweetheart Dressing

Remember those little hearts with messages on them for Valentine’s Day? If you love those little guys you can now dress in them with this cute little dress. The sayings are about as nerd as you can get. Geek fashion goes cute here!

222sweetheart dress.jpg

Etsy Stores Cater to Geek Fashion

Do you love Etsy? If you don’t know about the website that is a virtual mall of handmade goodies, you should! There are geek fashion designers like Action Pink who specialize in fabulous outfits inspired by such geek concepts as a Star Wars.

So be sure to check out the geek fashions around you. From sci-fi movies to old style comic books, geek fashion is in these days.

222star wars inspired dress.jpg