Get Hyped for Laser Cars

BMW has stated that it is going to apply new technologies in the headlights and taillights of its upcoming new vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015.  The car company is planning to introduce a new OLED and smart laser technology at the show.

The BMW LaserLight technology for the upcoming BMW i8 is said to set new benchmarks in the terms of range and intensity on its front and rear taillights.  The range is expected to allow drivers to see up to 600 meters, which is twice as much as the current technology of lights allows drivers to currently see.  The system is said to be linked up to cameras, sensors and driver assistance systems.  The laser headlight is said to produce 170 Lumens per watt, which is far superior to the 100 Lumens per watt the current LED headlight produces.

Although the headlights haven’t been approved by the Department of Transportation in the United States; BMW fully expects their lights to pass all driver and safety tests before the new i8 rolls out onto the market.

The OLED technology is only currently used in a few smartphones and TV’s, but BMW says it also has bigger plans for it than just lighting the road.  The OLED system can enable the driver to match the surface they are currently driving on by being able to change the luminescence to any color.  This allows the driver to create different light designs in the taillight to provide different patterns for different situations.