Google Earth Pro Now Free To The Public


Google Earth has been around for several years now, and has given users the ability to see a virtual tour of the planet.  It even has the ability to let you zoom in from space to look above satellite mapped out ground.

Most people are familiar with the regular software that comes on laptops and mobile smart phones, but the pro edition that companies pay $399 a year for was unavailable for most customers who didn’t want to pay for the extra features.  Google has now decided to allow everyone to upgrade to the Pro Version free of charge.

Users can go to the ‘free trial’ page and click through the sign-up section now.  “Sign up is no longer required for Google Earth Pro.”  Users just need to download the installer and sign in with their email address as their user name and use the license code GEPFREE.  Some of the upgraded features include:

  • Advanced measurements: Users can measure parking lots and land with polygon area measure, or find out the radius of an area with circle measurements.
  • High-resolution printing: Images can be printed up to 4,800 x 3,200 pixel resolutions.
  • Video editing: users can create detailed maps and fly-through video editing with the data that is stored on Google.

Google will still be charging businesses and customers to user their updated terrain map system and updated locations.  Regular users can try out the Pro version for free without the hassle of having to worry about spending money to gain access to the business API data for business platforms.  Happy globe trotting!