gopro hero 4

GoPro Unveils The Hero 4 Session

gopro hero 4

The latest version of one of one the most popular cameras on the market from GoPro, shrinks the company’s trademark wide-angle, high-frame-rate video equipment into the smallest package yet.  GoPro’s “The Hero 4 Session” is a cube 1.5 inches a side, with just two buttons and a lens on the front, but it has the capability to shoot 1080p video at 60 frames per second, or 720p at 100, and can be set to fire bursts of photos or capture a “timelapse”. The Session is naturally waterproof, so you wont need to purchase extra water-resistant protection if you’re surfing or kayaking. You will need an adapter however, if you want to attach the camera to a helmet or handlebar.

Users control it all with the big red button on top. Simply tap it to start video or hold it for photo mode. Settings are adjusted via GoPro’s Smartphone app, except for Wi-Fi, which is turned on and off with the 2nd button. There’s also a small display on the Session to remind you of what resolution you’re using and how much space remains on your Micro SD card. The camera’s battery life is a modest 2 hours, but that’s comparable to other super-small cameras that record in HD.

The only thing about the Session that isn’t small is the price. The handy cam will set you back about $400 USD, which puts it up there with GoPro’s more feature-packed (but larger) cameras, like the Hero 4 Silver. An action camera for adventure lovers who need something extra small, but cheaper cameras like the Hero+LCD or even Polaroid’s own cubical camera might be a better bet for anyone on a budget.

Here’s a video of the GoPro in action under water at the barrier reef.

video courtesy of NBC News