How to Rename “This PC” Back to “My Computer” in Windows

Microsoft has changed the name of “My Computer” to “Computer” and then to “This PC,” and for those people that prefer it one way or another — or something completely different — you can easily rename it.

It’s really simple too: right-click and rename it. We’ve tested in Windows 7, 8, and 10, and it works across all of them — although there are a couple of places (like the Start Screen) where it won’t be updated with the new name.

The settings will take place everywhere, although sometimes you need to refresh the desktop or close Windows Explorer and open another window to make it show up.

And the icon on the desktop, should you use it, will also be renamed.

It’s definitely an extremely simple how-to article that is barely needed for most people. But it’s great if you either didn’t know about it… or, in our case, completely forgot about it until our excellent forum member Tom reminded us.