save on video games

How to save on buying video games

How to save on buying video games

save on video games

Every few years it seems as video games get more expensive, with a new Xbox One game running you around $60. Here’s a few tips to help you save on buying video games.


Buy Used

When it comes to video games, new is not always better. Sure you won’t be the one to take the annoying plastic off of the box but the game still plays the same. Check your local game store for used copies of the game before you buy it new.


Rent video games

Though Blockbuster and Hollywood Video are not as popular as they once were, it is still possible to rent games. Companies such as Gamefly and Redbox are two ways to rent the latest games for a fraction of the price. Just make sure you return the game on time to skip the late fees.


Go Digital

If you are a big PC gamer, sites such as Steam make it easy to grab the latest titles from all types of developers for a nice discount. Go ahead and stock up.


Wait A Few Months

If you don’t mind being late to the party then waiting a few months after a game has been released can help you save money. Typically retailers sell the latest games at or above market price in order to capitalize on the new release. After a few months that price is bound to go down and that is when you attack. Steadfast my friend.


Search Garage Sales

Have you ever heard of someone going to a garage sale and buying a random doll for $2 and it turns out to be worth half a million? Well, that probably won’t happen to you but it is possible to find a few gems (games) at a garage sale for pennies on the dollar. Be prepared to barter for the price you want.