LG KizON Is A Wearable For Kids That Tracks Their Location

Thanks to technology, parents these days can keep track of their kids better. For example it wasn’t too long ago we saw the Yepzon device that allowed parents to keep tabs on where their child is, and it looks like LG is trying to hop onboard the bandwagon as well. The South Korean tech company has recently announced the LG KizON, a wearable designed for kids and to give parents peace of mind.

The device will naturally come with built-in GPS that allows parents to track the location of their child at all times. The KizON will also come with a button that allows them to place a call to a pre-configured phone number, so they won’t have to memorize phone numbers, thus making it easier for kids to get in touch with their parents in the event that something is wrong.

Parents can also get in touch with their kids by calling the KizON. LG has designed the device in such a way that if the child fails to answer the call within 10 seconds, the device will automatically connect the call of the parents where they will be able to listen through the microphone, which presumably will come in handy in the event that the child gets kidnapped.

There will also be Location Reminders that will alert the parents throughout the day at where their kids are at specific times, so if they’re not in school when they’re supposed to be in school, parents will know that something’s wrong. LG will be debuting the KizON in South Korea on the 10th of July before making its way to North American and European markets in the later part of the year.

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