LG Looks To Unveil Flex Panels In July


South Korea-based LG Chem company is making more strides in the flexible OLED technology market.  LG knows that the consumer market is hungry for more advancements in the flexible technology realm, and the company is racing to make sure they stay ahead of the curve by offering even more flexible OLED bending ratios on their devices.

“LG has quickly become a name when it comes to flexible OLED displays and if there’s one company that can find a solution to use this sort of technology in everyday life, then it’s LG.” said Editor in Chief of AndriodHeadlines Tom Dawson. ”

“LG Chem. has taken flexible OLED to a whole new level with new displays that can still be lit and be flexed in ways we never thought possible,” he went on to say.

The release of the G Flex 2 was an instant success, but LG isn’t planning on stopping there for its flexible curved devices.  According to the latest reports LG is currently working on a truly flexible screen that can bend in any direction without damaging devices.  The new technology could revolutionize the way bending displays are made in the future for LG and its competitors.

The existing bendable OLED panels that LG offers on the G Flex 2 can bend to a 75mm ratio without damaging devices by incorporating a thin glass substrate that offers a high volume of flexibility.  The next generation displays that LG is working on will add bending ratios to the plastic which is currently set at 30mm by adding “barrier and encapsulation technology.”  This will more than double the increase of the ratio devices can currently bend before damage occurs.

LG said that mass production on the flexible panels is scheduled to begin this July with an estimated cost of $250.00 per panel.  “The price will be adjusted accordingly once mass production starts.”