Meerkat Live Streaming App Review


In case you’ve been wasting time on Facebook, Twitter is where things are happening. Meerkat, a company that let’s you “Tweet Live Video” hit app stores March 17, 2015 just in time to shock SXSW goers and change social media.  Recently, we featured an article about it’s main competitor, Periscope.  But learn more about the earlier app below:


A Simple Concept

Meerkat is designed on an exceedingly simple concept, real time streaming. We’ve been streaming on the web for years. From Skype to Snapchat, internet users have been using video to share their lives and connect with one another.


Live Streaming

For the first time, Meerkat allows users access to real time, constant video. Meerkat users simply hit the stream button and all of their twitter followers can sit and watch everything happening as it happens. No more live tweets and 3 second delays for social media updates. Meerkat has bridged that gap.


Meerkat And The Future

While this may appear to be just another social media look alike. I assure you, it is not. It is offering a unique experience unprecedented in web history. Previously, social media was curated and carefully selected to present the best of moments; or to share the commonly mundane in hilarious ways (we’re looking at you Snapchat).


Now, Meerkat makes social media a real time event. Bringing followers right into the living room while you share your day to day life as you live it. Personally, I can’t wait to see what Meerkat has in store. Twitter has taken notice and purchased a direct competitor while limiting Meerkat’s Twitter access.


Download Meerkat from the AppStore now.