Mobile Provider Smackdown

The battle of the big four (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon) continues to rage as to who can win customer’s loyalty once and for all. With all of the companies stocking the most popular phones, the tipping point comes in terms of data speed. The question is, who has the fastest speeds?  That’s what we set to figure out.

RootMetrics put together a midyear mobile networks performance report back in August 2014 and here are the results:

Overall Verizon performed the best when tested in speed and performance with AT&T following close behind; T-Mobile and Sprint brought in the rear.

The test showed that 97 percent of Web pages downloaded within 30 seconds on Verizon’s LTE networks, compared to 90 percent for AT&T or 64 percent for T-Mobile and Sprint. T-Mobile had the best marks when this same test was ran over 3G networks with Verizon coming in last, this just shows the commitment that Verizon has to transitioning its remaining 3G networks over to 4G. (chance to backlink to the article I wrote last week at Verizon’s 3G spectrum)