mortal kombat

Mortal Kombat X Preview


The Mortal Kombat series is at it again with the release of Mortal Kombat X, which was announced at the 2014 E3 conference. So, what’s in store from this gaming powerhouse to the new generation of gamers?

New Age Updates to an Arcade Classic

Moody Maps with interactive environments adding 3D depth to the classic side scrolling arcade style combat. Mix that with spell binding moves from classic characters redesigned for the amazing graphic engines of the Xbox One and PS4.

Iconic Battles

Players can expect to see some old and new faces in the 25 character lineup. Classic characters like Sub-Zero and Scorpion shoot bloody ice bolts and flaming upper cuts. Each character comes with different “variations” to add depth to this arcade classic. Expect aerial grabs, off screen missiles and fatalities for days while battling it out with your friends.

Story Mode

The most exciting part of the newest addition to the franchise is the story mode. Mortal Kombat X has decided to explore the single player narratives that have taken over the gaming industry in the last decade. From the preview it does not disappoint. A 10 minute preview shows modern technology, helicopter flight sequences and elder gods with terroristic plots. Oh ya there’s with some behind the scenes goodies as well!

If you plan to pick up Mortal Kombat X prepare yourself for a CGI rich playing experience with fluid combat, gallons of bloodshed and badass characters all in line with classic Mortal Kombat brand. It’s everything we’ve come to expect from the mystical Mortal Kombat realm.