Motorola Camera App Updated With Android Wear Support

Smartwatches can be used to tell the time, received notifications, and execute commands, so why wouldn’t it be conceivable for it to double up as a remote shutter for cameras? Well the good news is that if you own a Motorola smartphone, the company has recently released an update for its camera app that will allow users to use their smartwatch as a remote shutter for their phones.

Of course this is assuming that you have an Android Wear smartwatch to begin with, but if you do and you also own a Motorola smartphone, then perhaps this could be an update worth checking out. Like we said this is only for Motorola smartphones but given the idea, we wouldn’t be surprised if other OEMs updated their cameras app with similar functionality too.

The update is currently available via the Google Play Store so be sure to head on over to update it. However this will only work with the default Motorola camera app, so if you’re the type that favors another third-party camera app then we guess the remote functionality will not be applicable to you. In the meantime what do Motorola owners think of the update? Is this a useful feature, and what other features would you like to see in the future?