Netflix Redesign Coming Soon

Netflix Redesign Coming Soon

netflix redesign

4 score and 20 years ago…okay more like 4 years ago was the last time that a Netflix redesign hit its website and the shift is for the better.


Gone are the once fun carousel displays of movie titles instead being replaced with a sleeker, cooler and easier to use user interface (UI). The new experience will make users feel as if they are using an app.


Besides the drastic visual advances, Netflix is improving smaller things such as selecting a movie or show. On the previous site in order to watch a show such as House of Cards, you’d either click on the title and go to the House of Cards page or hover over the thumbnail of the show and begin watching.


With the new app everything happens on the homepage. Less clicks, faster results.


“If you look at the current Netflix site it feels like disparate web pages,” says Navin Prasad, Netflix’s lead product designer. “You click on one thing, go to another page, then you have to back out. On the new one we really want to display all the information in one line, so it’s all very app-like, like Gmail.”


When looking for a new show on the new app, click a title or thumbnail and a small popup will appear with a synopsis of the show as well as, a menu bar with tabs labeled: Overview, Episodes, More like this, and Details.


Netflix is also removing the white background and replacing it with a black background while focusing heavily on its algorithms and visuals to help users select a title.


“Everything is an opportunity to tailor the content shown to you,” Prasad says. “The design has to be able to accommodate a horror movie and make a horror movie look scary, make a documentary look thought provoking, and the comedy really funny. And we do that through the imagery.”


The new update will be rolling to a Netflix account near you in Mid-June.