Nintendo Finally Goes Mobile


In an era of smartphones and apps, games developers have been flocking in droves to create that next big hit. And with that comes the slew of look-a-likes and mind numbing games which steal our time. Just when we thought we couldn’t survive another level of Candy Crush Saga, Nintendo has swooped in to save the day.


Nintendo Launches First AppStore Game

Just last year, Nintendo finally broke down and released a mobile game. The long time industry giant has resisted releasing any games for anything consoles besides its own. However, Pokémon Trading Card Game has officially been released for iPad and this is the first of many Nintendo titles we hope to see hitting the App Store and Google Play.

Nintendo’s NX Project

Nintendo recently signed a deal with mobile gaming company DeNA and with it talk and speculation about launching an entirely new mobile gaming platform called NX spread. While details on the secret project NX remain to be seen, users can only hope to see some big titles coming from Nintendo to their smartphones.


Nintendo’s Future In Mobile Gaming.

Other titles like Puzzles and Dragons will be launching for free in the Nintendo DS store with loads of in game purchases. Plus, to sweeten the deal, Nintendo even plans to release a Puzzles and Dragons Super Mario Edition for $39.99.


These first moves from a gaming giant like Nintendo means some big wake is ahead of us as we await further announcements about game launches and the oh so exciting NX launch.


Download the Pokémon TCG in the AppStore Here.