Periscope Vs. Meerkat: Battle Of The Live Stream Apps


Twitter To Unveil Periscope App, While Meerkat Continues To Gain Momentum

Today, a new way to stream yourself on the web live will be available on your iPhone. Twitter acquired the new app, Periscope, in January for a reported $100 million. The personal streaming service also has a feature that allows you to playback those recorded streams.


Similar to other apps on the market, such as “Meerkat”, the app allows you to broadcast whatever you’re doing, live, through video, with a couple taps and you’re feed is going live across the web. Although, unlike Meerkat, Periscope can save streams so that you can replay them any time. It turns out to be Periscope’s competitive advantage and the main reason that it’s likely to become THE live-streaming platform of choice. Other services like SnapChat are only short videos of content, while Periscope can be a continuous stream with live feedback during from the audience.


As mentioned above, Meerkat is Periscope’s main competition, but the app looks like it was built in eight weeks, which technically it was. Periscope has been in the development stage for more than a year, and all that tweaking paid off, as the app arrived showing great attention to detail. You sign on with Twitter, and immediately you can select from a list of available feeds to stream. While you watch a stream, you can send the streamer emojis and the rest of the audience can also see them. Almost like sending the streamer applause.


Unfortunately, you can’t launch Periscope directly from the Twitter app, and you won’t be able to for a while. “We don’t think we need to start there,” Beykpour says. “We think this deserves to be a separate experience indefinitely”. Twitter and the new app go hand in hand, because tweeting is mostly a live experience, and so is its new broadcasting app. “We always thought that what we were building, if successful, could be a real-time visual pulse of what’s happening around the world,” Beykpour says. The vision for Twitter is much the same.


Will Periscope spell doom for Meerkat, which has been growing its user base by 30% a day? The competitor also just announced a big new round of investment early Thursday. But for now at least, Periscope better matches the way that most of us actually use the web. Meerkat has a lot of catching up to do, but let the battle begin!