ps vita vs nintendo 3ds

Portable Gaming Faceoff: PS Vita Vs Nintendo 3DS

ps vita vs nintendo 3ds

In a mobile world, portable gaming devices seem like nothing more than a relic from a generation long past. However, new innovations in the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS have made a resurgence in portable gaming.


The Basics: Size & Control

Both consoles offer an incredibly portable gaming experience in a slender form factor. The PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS weigh in just under .5lbs which makes for easy transport. Developers from both sides have been sure to build an ergonomic button layout for easy handling and fluid control.


Graphics and Gameplay

While the PS Vita explores the capabilities of mobile graphics and high FPS actions scenes, Nintendo takes a more unusual route and explores 3D gaming technology and multi-screen gameplay.


Game Selection

PS Vita offers cross platform compatibility with the PS4 which adds a huge bonus to PS4 owners and fans of the PS4 game lineup. Games for the PS Vita tend to lean toward a more mature audience with explosive graphics, occasional bloodshed and a few curse words.


Meanwhile, the Nintendo 3DS continues to cater to its long and loyal fan base by offering modern updates to amazing classics like the Super Smash Bros. and Zelda franchise.


Check out the list of games for both the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS, read up on some customer reviews and grab whichever device tickles your fancy.