wave iphone hoax

Pranking Bad: iPhone Wave

There has been a new false advertisement flying around for users of Apple smartphones.

wave iphone hoax

This warning for most people can go without saying.  But it does appear that some apple owners have falling for the fake advertisement that promotes a new feature on the latest iOS 8 operating system.

Internet pranksters came up with a new cunning way to make an official-looking announcement from Apple on the message board 4chan.  This announcement starts off with the bran-new “Wave Technology” that is supposed to be a quick and easy way to charge iPhones.

“Wave will become automatically activated when you update to iOS 8. You can now Wave-charge your device by placing it within a household microwave for a minute and a half,” the publicity stated.

It also goes on to warn users that “60 seconds at 700w or 70 seconds at 800w. Do not Wave-charge for over 300 seconds” is the best possible way to charge your phone in the microwave.

The website also showed pictures of how to microwave the iPhone with success.  While most people didn’t fall for it the ones who did melted their phones inside their microwaves.

This isn’t the first time that the wave hoax has appeared after the launch of a new operating system for phones either.  Previous pranks from the same people claimed that the iPhone was waterproof — allowing users to be able to shower or go swimming with their smart phone.