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Ross Ulbricht Arrested-Founder Of Silk Road

Ross Ulbricht And Silk Road

ross ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht, the alleged founder of Silk Road, the once popular online black market was found guilty on seven charges and sentenced to life in prison earlier today. Those charges included: engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise, narcotics conspiracy and money laundering.


The case was presided over by Judge Katherine B. Forrest in a Federal District Court in Manhattan who took no pity on Ross Ulbricht.


Ulbricht expressed his thoughts and reasoning for starting Silk Road during his court appearance.


“I remember clearly why I created the Silk Road,” Mr. Ulbricht said. “I wanted to empower people to be able to make choices in their lives, for themselves and to have privacy and anonymity. I’m not saying that because I want to justify anything that’s happened.


“I just want to set the record straight, because from my point of view, I’m not a self-centered sociopathic person that was trying to express some kind of inner badness. I just made some very serious mistakes.”


It is believed that Ulbricht who operated under the pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts, made millions of dollars in commissions using Bitcoin as a way to keep things anonymous.


Though the minimum time he could receive for his crimes was 20 years, Judge Forrest believed that Ulbricht was fully aware of his wrongdoings and Silk Rod was “a carefully planned life’s work.”

Judge Forrest made it clear why Ulbricht’s dealings could not be overlooked. “What you did was unprecedented,” she told Mr. Ulbricht, “and in breaking that ground as the first person,” he had to pay the consequences. Anyone who might consider doing something similar, the judge added, needed to understand clearly “and without equivocation that if you break the law this way, there will be very serious consequences.”