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Rumor Has It: Apple Watch Details That May Surprise You

apple watch

The upcoming Apple Watch still has no confirmed launch date, but new speculation by analysts point to its release sooner than later.  Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with a long reliable track record has predicted that the Apple Watch will begin shipping in March, and the new 12-inch MacBook Air will follow suit a month or two later.

Kuo works as an analyst for KGI Securities, and has predicted the release of the iPad and iPhone in the past.  Kuo stated in his latest report that Apple might also announce additional features and details about the watch in the upcoming weeks.  Details will include battery life length along with when pre-orders will begin.  Kuo stated that he believes Apple will be able to ship 2.8 million watches during the first quarter of 2015, and finish with over 30 million units sold by the end if its first year on the market.

The new watches will feature a wide range of apps that owners can use for their daily needs to compliment their other mobile devices.  Apple gave industry giants such as Facebook and Twitter access to its software development back in November of 2014 to allow their apps to be ready to go on the day of launch this year.

Kuo also stated that along with the Apple Watch, he’s seen signs that Apple has begun to ramp-up its production of the new 12-inch MacBook Air.  The analyst predicts that it should hit the market soon after the Apple Watch with a list of new features that will come with the computer including a low powered Intel Core M processor, reversible USB connector, and a Retina display.

What are your reactions to the Apple Watch?  I think that technology is moving in a way that will support the use of functional fashion, but the looming possibility of too much too quickly hangs overhead.  Google glass was the first breakthrough in wearable technology, Apple Watch seems to also be acceptable, but there might be a constant flow of other companies trying to hop on this bandwagon that may force competition between companies.