self driving car

Self-Driving Car Gives a 3D Perspective

Self-Driving Car Gives a 3D Perspective

self-driving car

Self-driving car, self-parking and now a real-time 3D view of your surroundings can be yours.


Yes, that’s right, real-time 3D view of your car! Taiwan based SPTek, an automotive camera and imaging systems company has unveiled the 3D-AVMS system.


In a nutshell the 3D-AVMS system uses four wide wide-angle cameras that are placed on the sides, front, and back of a vehicle in order to create a full view of your car. The digital images captured from the cameras are fed into an on-board computer that creates a real-time multi directional view around a 3D model of the car.


This view gives drivers the ability to see not only what is in front or in back of them but what’s surrounding the entire vehicle.


SpTek stated that this is the world’s first digital 3D-AVMS, and any other similar products use analog 3D-AVMSes.


“The digital 3D-AVMS is superior in terms of color definition and data processability,” the company mentioned at the 2015 Taipei AMPA & AutoTronics Taipei.


Thus far the technology has only been installed on tour buses but according to the company that is set to change. Starting this summer, SPTek will be making their technology available for commercial use.


It won’t surprise us if we see this feature being added on to car models in the next 5 years.


Watch the video below to see the technology in action.