Snapchat Adds Features to Make your Snap Life Easier


As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Snapchat. The trendy and very popular Facebook owned app wasn’t built to be a mobile television but that’s what it’s basically become. Users have always complained about having to keep their finger held down on the screen to view snaps. It wasn’t a huge concern and worked fine when people were just sending 10 second private snaps. But now that amateurs and budding social media stars alike are recording multi-minute stories daily, it became a pain. 

Therefore, earlier today Snapchat dropped tap-and-hold in favor of just tap-to-view. You’ll still tap again to fast-forward to the next clip in a “Story”, but you’ll swipe down rather than releasing a finger to close it.

The shift should make watching long stories less exhausting on your fingertips. If long-form view counts rise, users might be more excited to make extended “Stories”. But this could end up being double-edged sword. The change also makes it easier to look away from the screen while Snaps play. The undivided attention commanded by tap-and-hold-to-view made Snapchat both more intimate, and more attractive to advertisers. Now Snapchat can’t promise users are constantly looking at the screen.

Add A Selfie To Your Snapcode 

Another new feature allows you to add a personalized picture to your Snapcode

  • Swipe down from the camera to see your Snapcode. Tap on it, and you can shoot a series of 5 selfies to put your face or whatever else inside the Snapchat logo, personalizing your Snapcode.
  • Save your Snapcode. After tapping your Snapcode, a button in the top right corner lets you save it to your camera roll or share it elsewhere. 

Previously, you could only scan a Snapcode with your Snapchat camera. That was easy in person as someone could pull theirs out and you could scan it quickly, or you could scan them off a computer screen. But if all you had was a mobile phone, someone couldn’t just text you theirs and you couldn’t discover them online. Now you can screenshot someone else’s Snapcode, then go to the Snapcode menu, select Add Friends, then Add by Snapcode, and you can pick one out of your camera roll.