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Solar-Powered Plane Lands Safely in Hawaii from Japan

video courtesy of NBC News/Associated Press

A plane powered solely by the sun’s rays has landed in Hawaii after a record-breaking 5-day journey across the Pacific Ocean all the way from Japan. The plane has been dubbed the Solar Impulse 2.

The plane’s Pilot Andre Borschberg and his 1 seat solar aircraft arrived Friday at Kalaeloa, a small airport outside Honolulu, after taking off from Nagoya about 120 hours ago.

His team says his trip broke the record for the world’s longest nonstop solo flight. The late U.S. adventurer Steve Fossett set the previous record of 76 hours.

Crew members push solar powered plane Solar Impulse 2 to its parking position at Nagoya airport after changing weather conditions thwarted planned take-off

But the Solar Impulse 2 is flying without fuel. Instead, it’s 17,000 solar cells charge batteries. The plane runs on stored energy at night.

Borschberg and co-pilot Bertrand Piccard have been taking turns flying the plane on an around-the-world voyage since taking off from Abu Dhabi in March. After Hawaii, it will head to Phoenix.

solar plane