Sony and Microsoft Recover From DDOS Attacks

The online networks for Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox are slowly starting to show signs of recovery after another DDOS attack.  The two online networks were jammed up on Christmas day putting the services offline for three days.

Playstation tweeted that their services are coming back to normal along with Xbox Live’s service page stating that most of their services are now back online.

Update: We are working to restore full network services for all platforms – thanks, as always, for your patience!

— Ask PlayStation (@AskPlayStation) December 26, 2014


There are still reports of applications having limited access on Xbox as they try to recover from the attack over the last few days.  Xbox has said that some of their users are still facing problems.

The group known as Lizard Squad has taken responsibility for the distributed denial of service attack that caused the network to clog up.  After claiming responsibility for the third time in as many months the group stated once again they wouldn’t go after anyone else after these latest DDOS attacks.

“So basically, you’re not going to be attacking Xbox and PlayStation anymore, Lizard Squad, correct?” YouTube show DramaAlert asked the group. “That’s correct”

The group is also responsible for multiple attacks on other companies that the FBI is currently looking into.  The group sent a tweet to American Airlines that the plane carrying Sony Online Entertainment Chief John Smedley had explosives on board back in August.

The group has claimed multiple times that the attacks started as a way to show the vulnerability of online networks and was ‘just for a good laugh.’

Since then Sony and Microsoft have taken measures to tighten their online security systems in hopes to prevent Lizard Squad from making more online attacks against them.