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Stay Organized With These Apps

Time management is important for any business to succeed.  Having the proper tools and technology allows your business team increase productivity and rise to new heights while keeping key responsibilities from piling up.


1. CalenGoo

Calengoo allows Android and iPhone users to sync their phones with Google calendar.  This is a good way to keep family events or business meetings up to date.  This way every team member knows exactly what they’re supposed to be doing and when it needs to be finished.  The app can also let you see upcoming alerts via pop-up reminds, emails, or even text messages.

Cost: $6.00 to use and also comes with a built-in Google Tasks list manager.

calengoo productivity app

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a free filing sharing program that people have been using for years.  This app can be used on your smartphone or linked directly to your laptop or desktop computer.  The uploads can be shared between a community of co-workers so that work or files can be sent out to multiple people at once to retrieve and review over for additional productivity.

Cost: All new Dropbox accounts and downloads, including the desktop and mobile apps, are totally free.

dropbox productivity app


3. Simplenote

Simplenote is a free app that allows you to take notes as you are walking around or during an important meeting.  The notes will then sync up with your PC so that you can review over them later once the meeting is over.

Cost: There are ads for the program that help pay for it since it is free, but they pop up at the top of the screen to allow you to continue working without having to stop everything and close them once they do pop-up.

simplenote productivity app