Switchmate Looks To Help Make Life At Home Much Easier


A new lighting concept has arrived and its pretty amazing that someone didn’t think of this great idea before. “Switchmate”, a small box that snaps right onto existing light switches in your home or office and lets you control the exact amount of lighting in the room with your Smartphone. No wiring and no frills!


But does Switchmate really work? There has to be a catch, it is a very simple idea but usually when things seem this easy they are too good to be true.



Co-Founder Rob Romano spoke with TechCrunch this week to shed some light on the idea and to explain how the device actually works.


The product is still in its pre-production prototype stage, but Romano promises that it works exactly as it was designed to work.


The prototype that Romano unveiled to TechCrunch was the model that will hit the marketplace but it was pretty close to what will be available to the public when they launch in December.


Switchmate Inc. pitches the installation process as very simple. All you have to do is pair the device with your smartphone through their app and place the device over it and voila, done. Small magnets hold it in place, clamping onto the light switch’s existing screws, and a mechanism inside physically flips the switch.


According to Romano, Switchmate’s internal rechargeable battery should last about a year. Keeping the seemingly mythical concept of a full on “smart home” alive which is something many are hoping for. It seems like everything else has been invented, why not more inventions to make life in your own home more comfortable!