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The Future Is Now: Facebook Gifs Are A Reality

The Future Is Now: Facebook Gifs Are A Reality

facebook gifs

At long last, Facebook gifs are available.  The website has finally allowed its users to post gifs to their newsfeed and statuses.


With Facebook’s recent push into video and it’s many competitors such as Twitter and Tumblr allowing users to post animated GIFs, this decision was bound to come sooner or later.


This surprise move strays far from what Facebook revealed a few years ago, stating that the inclusion of GIFs on its platform would clutter user’s newsfeed with memes.


Though the tech giant officially rolled out GIF support as of today, the feature was built into the platform back in 2013.


Testing out the new feature is simple, log onto your Facebook, grab a link for a GIF from you favorite external website such as Tumblr, paste it into your status and hit that publish button.


Voila! You have posted your first GIF!


Unfortunately Facebook does not allow you to upload GIFs directly, but I’m taking a guess and saying we shall see that function soon.


If this new feature doesn’t work for you, don’t be alarmed as the update is still rolling out.


Brands don’t get too excited as it has been announced that Facebook will not support GIFs on Pages or Facebook ads. It was fun to dream about it though!


Enough talking, time to go GIF the heck out of your friends!