The Lenovo new smartwatch not so smart

Lenovo’s new smartwatch not so smart


It’s not like the whole virtual reality aspect hasn’t been explored already. Samsung has its Gear VR, that pairs with Samsung Galaxy S6 and has similar functions as the Oculus Rift, and of course the sadly failed Google Glass.


Well here is Lenovo stepping into this new market, trying to find a place in a pool of tech giants and their already introduced concepts and products. Only difference is Lenovo is making is not wearable on the face like both aforementioned products, but wearable on the arm. Yes, it is another smartwatch.


In May, Apple released its Apple Watch, but there is a little kick to Lenovo’s Magic View – a hidden second LCD display or most would like to call, virtual interactive display (VID), beneath the face of the watch.


Looking into this window less than half the size of the watch face, one will see a virtual image 20 times the size of the standard size. It would be like carry a tablet with you, except it’s all on your wrist. Sounds cool doesn’t it?


Given that this smartwatch is the first of its kind, it is quite impressive. The concept is great – taking something small and convenient, and giving it big functionalities without the big product. The only possible downside is that it reminds me of the fate of Google Glass.


It would look just a bit silly to be squinting into a watch to be able to watch videos, browse photos or whatever you would need to do with that size of a display. Google representatives also pitched a security aspect, being that no one will able to see your notifications or emails through a small, hidden peephole.


The concept and product is innovative nonetheless, but the question is whether to people will continually put to use and merge into their daily lives, or if it will be another cool gadget put away on the shelves.