Things Run Amok: If Dr. Seuss could comment upon the Internet of things…

Summary: John Kindervag puts a unique spin on what the internet of things means for security.

By John Kindervag for Forrester Research | April 9, 2014 — 22:11 GMT (15:11 PDT)

Things Run Amok

by John Kindervag

(To be read in the style of Dr. Seuss)

We live in a world all interconnectedBut how in the world will it get all protected?Some bad boys and girls will try to infect itMaking the internet all broken-neck-ed

When Timmy B-Lee created the netHe just couldn’t see it would be such a threat:“People are nice and they’ll do the right thing”But, wow, it turns out that people are mean.

When the web first began we could count each deviceWe could even count each device almost twice!But there’s so many Things now connected you see,It must really amaze ol’ Timmy B-Lee!

All of the futurists cackle with gleeNow that we’ve given each Thing IP!IPIPIPIPA magical protocol that sets all Things free!

The Cat In the Hat had Thing 1 and Thing 2Think of the mischief that those two could do!But what if he had a Thing 3 and Thing 4?More mischief they’ll add as we add more and more!

Soon we’ll be so exceedingly Thinged,It seems that the darn Things have grown wings!A Thing-zillion of these will drive us all crazySo we better make sure we don’t all get lazy!

“What is a Thing?” I hear you dare ask.The effort of answering has become quite a task!A Thing is something that’s real I would thinkThat whirls or spins; it moves or it blinks!

A Thing has a tiny computer that talksWith other Things, or even humans that walk.Maybe you control your Thing from your phoneAnd manage your Thing when you’re not at home!

Some of your Things I’m sure you will wearWrapped on your arm or stuck in your hair!Some wish so hard for Things they can drive,Pushing bright buttons on a digital ride!

Think of having Things fill your kitchen,You’ll tap on your iPad to make dinner bitchin’!Your fridge is a Thing that will keep your SPAM coldBut it will send SPAM out too, if the hackers gets hold!

See hackers will look for things they can breakAnd then find some juicy data to take!Your data they will then turn into cashAnd your reputation they will turn into trash!

This is the future of Things run amokIf all that you do is rely on your luck!So put on your Thing hat andThink,Think,Think,Think!And consider your Things that whirl, spin or blink!

Carefully protect your things from all hackersSo that your company doesn’t get smackered!It’s a whole different world than when Timmy B-LeeCreated the web world for you and for me!

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