This Anaconda Don’t Want None

A two-hour long special on Discovery Channel called “Eaten Alive” set out to do the impossible by documenting the live consumption of a human being by an anaconda.  Paul Rosolie volunteered to be eaten alive by the hulking beast in order to raise awareness about saving the Amazon and the wildlife that live within.  But not without some protective gear of course.

Although the intention was of good will, the results were less than what was expected when Paul tapped out after the pain became too unbearable.  Despite layers of acid-proof material, thermal protective gear, and a full suit of armor, Paul allowed the snake to swallow his head and constrict the rest of him when he began to feel his arm popping out of its socket.  Discovery says that the safety and protection of both Paul and the snake were their priority, and came to his rescue as soon as he requested help.

The anaconda, specifically the green anaconda, is the largest snake in the world.  While their diets mainly consist of wading birds near rivers and bodies of water, the anaconda is perfectly capable of eating prey far thicker than their width.  With incredibly elastic skin and ligaments, there is little that can escape the gaping maw of the beast.  Except for Paul of course.

After crushing their larger prey with constriction, opens its wide jaws on the immobilized meal before slithering down and swallowing it whole.  It was in this constriction that Paul felt his ribs start to break and sharp pain in his arms.  The calling off of the stunt was probably wise considering that there have been plenty of unlucky humans finding their ends inside the belly of the beast.

Author: Austin Nicol