twitter quality filter

Twitter’s New Filter For Offensive Tweets

twitter quality filter

Twitter is one of the most well-known social media websites, allowing users to post up to 140 characters of almost anything they wish. I’m sure you’ve heard of the celebrity feuds that have happened because of an offensive tweet, or cyber-bullying, but it seems that Twitter is attempting to make some changes.

According to, the new feature, “Quality Filtering,” will remove any threatening, offensive or abusive tweets. It has already been tested by certain verified users. This additional feature comes after Twitter’s changes in December, where users were given new options when it comes to flagging tweets. Quality Filtering is simply an addition to the filter that is used for notifications, which allows users to choose what notifications they want to receive.

While some may really appreciate Twitter’s newest addition, especially those who often receive rude or threatening Tweets, it is not a mandatory feature, it may be turned on or off. If users weren’t given the option of having this feature, there would probably be some outcry about Twitter silencing users and threatening people’s freedom of speech on the internet.

WebProNews states that Twitter’s previous steps against offensive Tweeters has only been, “reactionary” which is accurate. When it became easier to report abusive content, Twitter had to triple their staff which handle those reports. This is one of the first steps that Twitter has taken to make sure that offensive content never reaches the intended party.

The reasoning behind Quality Filtering is probably due to Twitter’s loss in users. At the end of the 2014 year, Twitter had an estimated 288 Million users. While this is a very large number it was only 4 million more users than its previous quarter. For many, Twitter is the easiest way to see what is “trending” or to get real-time news in other parts of the world. For others the petty insults that happen over the internet could be good cause for closing their twitter account.

For many Twitter is a great way to keep in touch, and it would be a shame for someone to have to shut down their profile due to excessive and humiliating harassment. Since Quality Filtering is optional, this feature should go a long way to make sure Twitter users feel comfortable.