Your New Favorite Toy: Apple TV


Apple has created products that are intertwined with our every day lives. In your pocket is your iPhone. In the other pocket is some version of an iPod. Soon to be on your wrist is the Apple Watch. Nestled inside your messenger bag is your MacBook Pro and waiting for you at the crib is your Apple TV?


As we shift away from traditional cable plans, many people are looking for alternative ways to watch their favorite shows without being locked into stupid triple play package deals. Here’s why you need an Apple TV.


What is the Apple TV?

Apple TV is a device that gives you the power to enjoy TV shows, movies, news, music, and much more.


The cool thing about the Apple TV is that it acts as a link between your various Apple products and your TV.  On top of watching shows, you can play games, browse the internet, or doodle if you wish right from your iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac.


The Setup

This thing of beauty may be one of the easiest things to set up. Just plug in the device’s power cord, insert and HDMI cable into the back of the device and your TV and boom! You’re all set to go.


Why You Should Get It

For starters, it’s only $99. Yup, quite surprising seeing that Apple’s other products cost two arms, a few fingers and two legs to buy. There are many competitors out there, however, it is hard to beat Apple in terms of simplicity of their products and the elegance of each device.


Let us know how much you enjoy your Apple TV.