13 Most Innovative Wearable Tech of 2015


For all the dog lovers in the world, you can now see what your beloved, 4-legged baby is up to with just an app.



A sleek design made to mock something like a fighter pilot, this helmet will show riders detailed road layouts, GPS mapping, rear camera view, and speed and distance metrics.



A coach without having the actual coach! This ankle watch tells you how to up your game by helping tell you how to correct your posture, adjust your training program, and give you a little encouragement when you need it.

fitness headphones


Fitness Tracking Headphones
Fitbit isn’t the only thing around. These earphones track your fitness metrics straight from your lugholes!



This stylish 18K ring with a semi-precious stone buzzes and/or lights up when you get notifications (calls, texts, social media).



A wrist-mounted drone with a camera that jumps into the air to take your selfie, and then returns to where it started like a boomerang.



This might be the first device that measures sex metrics, measuring your calories burned and how many thrusts per minute.



Perfect for golfers, this glove plays back a video of your arm swing and compares it with the pros so that you can improve your golf game.

the unseen


The Unseen
Woah, something that basically reads your mind, or at least senses it. This contains wind-reactive ink and gemstones that will change colors in time with your thoughts.

go pro 4


GoPro Hero 4
If you haven’t used one, you’ve probably seen someone who has. This latest GoPro device has 32fps 4k shooting.

oculus rift


Oculus Rift
The future of virtual reality lies within this infamous headset. It’s not just for gaming, but it navigates Mozilla’s web browser, and it’s virtual tourism, movies and even sex!

samsung gear s


Samsung Gear S
Good for fitness, GPS, accessing apps, calls and everything else a typical smartwatch can do, Samsung made a smart decision making the screen 2 inches big.

barclay card


This NFC-based, contactless payment system is taking paying for your goods to a whole new level. You don’t have to touch anything! Watch out Apple Pay and PayPal.